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Sea Urchin - Sputnik

Minimum Order: 10 No.
Sold In Multiples of: 10 No.
Product Code: 8609

Shell size: approx. 50-7mm across. (2-3 Inch)

Natural sea urchin shell. Use for crafts and interior decoration and for making bespoke wedding favours.

Retail Note: Shells are the most robust of the urchins we have available, and potentially suitable for self service retail.

Immediate Product Wrapping: Nil
Shell Size: 50-70mm across

Wholesale / Event Packaging Configuration
Shells Per Outer: 10
Outer Type: Cellophane covered cardboard
Outer Size: 200mm x220mm x80mm
Outer Weight: 0.3kg

Labeling: Description and bar code to outer only.

Background: Classified as echinoids, these spiny shells (The spines have been removed on these cleaned shells) are found in oceans throughout the world. Sea Urchins feed on algae and when unchecked can devastate underwater environments.
The sputnik urchin is so called due to its resemblance to the early Russian spacecraft. Sputnik is Russian for satellite or fellow traveler.

Sea Urchins in History: Urchin is an old English word for hedgehog which describes the look of the creatures really well.

Sea Urchins in Geology: Sea urchins are prominent in pre-history with abundant numbers being found in the Devonian and Carboniferous periods. During the Permian sea urchins almost died out but the species again became more diverse through the Jurassic and Cretaceous.
As the species evolve relatively quickly they have become useful to geologists for dating rocks.

Classification: Phyllancanthus Imperialis
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