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Sea Urchin - Pink

Minimum Order: 20 No.
Sold In Multiples of: 20 No.
Product Code: 8607

Price Shown per Shell.

Shell size: approx. 35-50 mm across.

Description and Application:
Fascinating and intricately wafer thin, yet naturally engineered to provide surprising strength. These pink sea urchin shells are a favourite for crafts and interior decoration and including the making bespoke wedding favours. Shells can be fixed to card and other shells with 'UHU' type glue.

Retail Note: Shells are probably more suited to staged events and static display than self service retail.

Immediate Product Wrapping: Nil
Shell Size: 35-50mm across

Wholesale / Event Packaging Configuration
Shells Per Outer: 20
Outer Type: Cellophane covered cardboard
Outer Size: 280mm x220mm x30mm
Outer Weight: 0.2kg

Labelling: Description and bar code to outer only.

Sea Urchins in History: Urchin is an old English word for hedgehog which describes the look of the creatures really well.

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