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Pearl Nautilus - Silver Edge

Minimum Order: 1 No.
Sold In Multiples of: 3 No.
Product Code: 8265-P16

Price shown per shell.

Size: 12.5-15 cm


Hand polished and beautifully finished nautilus shell. The edge of the shell is silver plated on an intricately perforated copper foil base.

Note:- Pattern may differ from that illustrated above.

Product Presented Ready for Retail
Immediate Product Wrapping: Clear polypropylene pack with shredded paper cushion.
Pack Contents: One shell
Shell Size: 12.5-15 cm across

Wholesale Packaging Configuration
Packs Per Outer: 1
Outer Type: Cardboard
Outer Size: 140mm x240mm x230mm
Outer Weight: 0.4kg

Labelling: Description and bar code to individual shells and outer.

Ecological Note:
Concern has been expressed over suspected dwindling numbers of Nautilus.

As the cephalopods generally live at depths of between 100m and 500m it is difficult for scientists to absolutely quantify numbers in the wild. However, anecdotal evidence form fishermen and comparison of number counts and size of specimens from fished areas and protected marine environments suggest that in some localities of the world overfishing is becoming a problem.

Whilst the lifecycle of Nautilus is not fully understood, it is known that the creature can take up to ten years to reach sexual maturity and even then the species does not produce a free swimming larval stage, making it difficult for it to re-colonise areas should numbers become depleted.

Marine Arts will continue to monitor the situation, and at all times work within agreed International Conventions and the Law of exporting countries.

Classification: Nautilus pompilus Linne
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