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Drilled - White Cockle - Sea Shell Garland

Minimum Order: 12 No.
Sold In Multiples of: 12 No.
Product Code: 8586

Price shown per 250mm garland

Shell size: Approx. 20mm

Hole Size 1mm

Shell Count: Each garland is likely to contain approximately 100 shells

Description & Application:
Exclusive to Marine Arts in the UK, these natural cleaned mini white cockle shell garlands have been skillfully drilled with a single hole.

As a garland the shells can either be used as chair-back, door handle or curtain tie decoration. The shells can be cut from the clear nylon binding and retied individually with ribbon, thread or wire to create personalised jewellery, wedding favours and bouquets and seaside themed attire.

Product Presented Ready for Occasion D├ęcor or Retail
Immediate Product Wrapping: Clear Polypropylene Pack
Pack Contents: Approximately 100 Shells
Shell Size: 20mm across
Pack Size: 100mm x150mm x30mm

Wholesale Packaging Configuration
Packs Per Outer: 12
Outer Type: Cardboard
Outer Size: 155mm x155mm x160mm
Outer Weight: 1kg

Labeling: Description and bar code to individual packs and outer.
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