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Polished Green Abalone 12.5cm

Minimum Order: 0 No.
Sold In Multiples of: 3 No.
Product Code: 8406-P16

Price shown per shell

Pack size: Single shell

Shell size: 12.5cm (approx. 5 inch)

This specimen sized and flawlessly polished natural abalone shell is exclusively and only available through Marine Arts in the UK.

Utmost care is taken to select top quality specimen shells that are then expertly polished to display the shell's hidden swirling iridescent beauty.

Product Presented Ready for Retail
Immediate Product Wrapping: Clear polypropylene pack with shredded paper cushion.
Pack Contents: One shell
Shell Size: 12.5cm across

Wholesale Packaging Configuration
Packs Per Outer: 2
Outer Type: Cardboard
Outer Size: 140mm x240mm x230mm
Outer Weight: 0.6kg

Labeling: Description and bar code to individual shells and outer.

Classification: Haliotis Fulgens Philippi
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