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Sourced responsibly from regulated sustainable resources
Medium Shells (30-50mm - Mix4)

Minimum Order: 10 Kg
Sold In Multiples of: 10 Kg
Product Code: 8848

Price shown per kg: Pack size 10kg

Our exclusive Brixham Basket packed full of the most popular size of beautiful shells for display and craft work

Shell Count: This 10kg nett Brixham Basket is likely to contain in the order of 1000 shells

Shell sizes: The shells are in a range of sizes nominally from 30 to 50mm (Approx 1 inch to 2 inches) We call this our mix 4
When used in glassware, our 10 kg pack will fill up to 20 x 1 litre containers, or, if placed shoulder to shoulder for example in mosaic work 10 kg is likely to cover approximately 0.75Sqm.

Description & Application:
Fully cleaned medium sized shells from approved sources for, interior and exterior decoration and merchandising displays. Our clients have used these shells for photo-shoots, decoration in restaurants and event theming as well as art-work and craft work.

Product offered principally for manufacturing and event applications.

Immediate Product Packing:

Shells are packed in our clean and convenient to handle "Brixham Fish Basket" These handmade wicker baskets ensure the shells arrive in perfect condition and are immediately available for production or merchandising without the need to open intermediate cellophane packaging. Our Brixham Baskets are light weight, compact and shelf stackable.
Pack Contents: 10kg of shells (Approximately 20 ltr )
Shell Size: 30-50mm across

Wholesale Packaging Configuration
Packs Per Outer: 1
Outer Type: Cardboard
Outer Size: 420mm x300mm x260mm
Outer Weight: 11kg

Labeling: Description and bar code to outer only

Require these shells in retail-ready packaging ?
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