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Sourced responsibly from regulated sustainable resources
Assorted Micro Shells (3-10mm - Mix 9)

Minimum Order: 2 Kg
Sold In Multiples of: 0 Kg
Product Code: 8166

Price shown per kg.

Shell Count: 1kg is likely to contain in excess of 10,000 shells (yes, 10 thousand !!)

Shell sizes: The shells are in a range of sizes nominally from 3 to 10mm.
When used in glassware, 1 kg pack will fill at least 1 x 1 litre container, or, if placed shoulder to shoulder for example in detailed craft work 1 kg is likely to cover approximately 0.2 Sqm.

Description & Application:
Fully cleaned micro shells from approved sources for, interior decoration and merchandising displays. Our clients have used these shells specifically for "message in a bottle" type invitations and craftwork

Product Presented for Manufacturing and Event Assignments
Immediate Product Wrapping: Nil
Shell Size: 3-10mm across

Wholesale Packaging Configuration
Quantity of Shells Per Outer: 2Kg
Outer Type: Cardboard
Outer Size: 155mm x155mm x160mm
Outer Weight: 2.1kg

Labeling: Description and bar code to outer.
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