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Abalone (Paua) Shell 12-15cm

Minimum Order: 5 No.
Sold In Multiples of: 5 No.
Product Code: 8615

Price shown per shell

Shell size: 12-15cm

Description & Application:

These natural shells show a hint of the brilliant iridescent surfaces that can be enhanced by skillful polishing.

The species is characterised by a thick inner layer of Mother of Pearl making them highly prized for jewellery and object d'art.

This natural unpolished specimen sits easy as a feature on whitewashed furniture, or adds a layer of interest to an informal bathroom setting.

Ecological Note:
Abalone shells form part of over 100 species of similar low spiral shells found widely throughout the world from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the UK Channel Isles where the shells are known as ormers.

In New Zealand the Paua shell is fished under strict licence with restrictions on the number and size of shells collected.

Principally in China and Japan where abalone meat is a prized delicacy commercial farming of abalone is carried out.

Classification: Haliotis midae Gmelin
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